I remember the day I first saw a simple video about a blind man begging for money.  I was one of the teachers for a week long course for fifty leaders from a national retail chain based in Rhode Island.  Thomas, one of the corporate leaders, stood up and shared that for much of his life, he underestimated the impact of his words on others.  It effected his life personally and professionally.  

He then showed a video that blew away everyone in the room.  You could have heard a pin drop when it was over. 

Change your words, change your world.  A simple phrase packed with powerful meaning.

Thomas went on to encourage the new leaders to think before speaking.  He reminded them that when they arrive at a troubled work site, tensions are high and people know “corporate” is looking for someone to blame.  Stay true to your humanity first. Be the voice of the company second, he advised.

Wise words to live by.

Here is a tip for the week: listen closely to the language used by you and your team.  Any time you hear strong words like “can’t, must, have to, or just” know you have stumbled upon a possible opportunity.  When leaders use those words, there is a belief locked behind them.  Think about it like the sound of prison doors closing.

Anytime we “hear” that sound, there is an opportunity to examine the belief and search for ways to rewrite it.  

Remember, every day we have a chance to build people up or tear them down.  The choice is yours. Don’t underestimate the power of your words to those who look to you for leadership.

Change your words, change your world,