L ife can be so chaotic at times! We all just have so much going on!

Between our jobs, our families, errands, events, and keeping up with our friends, it almost seems like you can barely catch your breath.

So when you think about wanting to improve your qualifications or personal brand in order to score that perfect job or promotion you’ve been day-dreaming about, you don’t even know where you would find the time.

More importantly, you don’t even know where you would start to earn that next big career break.

I know all this uncertainty can be frustrating.

Fortunately, I know plenty of people who have been in your shoes.

You’re not alone- and there are so many choices and ways to improve, and it can be overwhelming.

However, I have found that two very important people are at the core of bettering myself and my circumstances: a mentor that actually cares about you, both personally and professionally, and YOU.

You have far more power over your path of success than you think you do.

You can talk yourself into believing that “it” will never happen, even if you are completely capable of achieving that goal.

Conversely, you can also convince yourself that you are up to any challenge- for instance, have you ever given yourself a pep talk before a speech or presentation that you nailed?

I call these personal beliefs about the world and about ourselves Mental Models.

They are like snapshots of our personal beliefs that we operate under unconsciously.

It is completely within your power to change your mental model so that you view the world and yourself differently, and more positively.

I also believe it is important that everyone has some sort of mentor that coaches, encourages and inspires you. Maybe even challenge you to think differently.

Sometimes, even if you are confident in your own abilities, it’s hard to step back and look at yourself and your qualifications objectively; you may be missing a unique aspect about yourself that would make you a strong contender for that next step in your career.

Or you may be failing to see how you can connect and weave the many different skillsets that you possess into a larger tapestry that describes who you are and what your brand is.

Having an objective eye to constructively critique and suggest improvements can be extremely helpful in cases like this.

So where do you start on your path to a better position, industry or career?

Start with positive self-talk: you are capable, you are strong and intelligent.

You have the opportunity to make something more for yourself, and I have the coaching and the tools to get you there.

Check out my webinars and Courses That I Offer to take you to the next level in your career.

Remember that if you don’t take time to invest in yourself, someone else may steer your career for you or pass up the opportunity to work with you because they did not know what they would be missing.

Take control of your career today!

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